Biking to the beach

Seven trails  make up more than 15 miles of the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail complex through Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Alabama and the Gulf State Park. Today we started at The Sportsplex in Orange Beach.



Ride down Twin Bridges and Catman Road trail. From start to the parking lot at the end of Catman Road took about an hour to ride.


We did stop and play a bit. The rope obstacle course is at the start, more toward the Sportsplex. The boulder park and butterfly garden are on the Catman trail. There are plenty of other places to stop and rest at too. 



Ride all the way to end of the trail, go to the road and to the left there will be a crosswalk. 


If you go straight across you’ll see another sidewalk. Fishers Restaurant at Orange Beach Marina will be on the left. 



After having some lunch follow the trail back up and around to the left to go to the beach.