When you’re exploring your real estate opportunities in the Alabama Gulf Coast, beachfront properties will be hard to miss. Here are some things you should know about beachfront homes.

How to Buy a Beach Home

Beachfront homes, like most waterfront properties, are prime pieces of real estate especially in cities like Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. The following tips will help you find the beach home of your dreams that will stand the test of time (and elements).

  1. Learn more about the location. While some beach homes are located in private communities, others are more accessible to the general public. Consider drive or commute times, as well as nearby amenities and facilities.

    In tourist destinations such as the Alabama Gulf Coast, find out if the area attracts its fair share of visitors and if you can live with the attention it receives.

  2. Work with a waterfront specialist. Beach homes, like most waterfront properties, are exposed to the elements a whole lot more than other housing types. By working with a waterfront expert, you’ll be able to determine which beach home is truly worth the investment.
  3. Have it inspected by a professional. Since beach homes are so close to water, salt, and other elements, having it looked at by a professional inspector is a must. He’ll be able to tell if you if the beach home is in great shape or it has suffered from quite a few storms. In case of the latter, you will also be able to determine the necessary repairs or if it’s best to find another home.

Consider these if You are Buying a Beach Home

Beachfront properties are beautiful, but they can also require some work.

Consider the following steps to ensure your beach home is protected.

  • Seek additional advice from professionals. Two things homeowners of coastal properties should always watch out for are floods and storm surges. Before you purchase the beach home you’re interested in, invite a land surveyor or geological inspector to take a look at the property. They will be able to gauge if the beach home is in a spot safe from flood, erosion, and tides.
  • Ask about insurance. You will want your beach home to be able to weather the elements. Learn more about coastal insurance offered in the community.

Explore Beachfront Homes in the Alabama Gulf Coast!

There’s nothing quite like having the Gulf of Mexico and the coast’s pearly white shores right at your doorstep. Learn more about beachfront homes in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Foley with me today by sending me an email at realtor(dotted)amberlawson(at)gmail(dotted)com.