Home Sellers

Selling your home is definitely one of those times that open up a new chapter in your life. And since it is a momentous occasion, I believe it should be a positive experience for everyone. This post will introduce you to the home selling process and help you close a successful deal.

The Process

Just like in home buying, there is no sure-fire way to sell a home. The process entirely depends on your timeline, your budget, and your goals. The whole home selling experience, however, generally goes like this.

  1. Time your sale. Before you put up your home for sale, determine whether the housing market you’re in is a buyer’s or a seller’s market. You might also want to consider if your market is seasonal.
  2. Prepare your home. Upgrades, repairs, renovations, as well as packing the items you’re taking with you– these projects fall under this step.
  3. Price your home. Take a look at similar homes that are for sale (or were sold recently) in your area to help set a ballpark for your listing price. Your realtor can also prepare a competitive market analysis. When you’re ready, list your property and wait for offers.
  4. Accept offers or negotiate. Picking the best offer might be tricky. If there’s an offer that stands out but you’re not completely sold, don’t hesitate to have your real estate agent negotiate for a better offer.
  5. Closing. As the seller, you have a number of responsibilities. These include preparing property disclosures and fulfilling your end of the contract (which may include repairs and other contingencies. Come closing day, a final walkthrough of the property will be done, papers will be signed, and you will hand the title and keys to the new owner.

Home Selling Tips to Remember

  • Market to your target demographic. Instead of marketing towards a general audience, aim for a specific group or lifestyle. Is your home near a beach? Bring this feature to the forefront. Is your property great for Millennials? Emphasize the reasons why that is the case.
  • Get listing photos taken professionally. Grab the attention of interested home buyers through the power of high-quality photos. Complement these images with short but informative captions for a compelling listing.
  • Have your home pre-inspected. This will allow you to make the most necessary repairs and updates even before you list. It can increase the value of your home and make it move-in ready, quality home buyers find hard to resist.

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